Session 2

October 3, 2018
11:30  -  12:50

Workshop 2A: Education: Building a Roadmap for Long-Term Resilience

Ms. Nikita Duke, Research Assistant, Media Education Lab, University of Rhode Island; Member, Mind Over Media European Network

Mr. Michael Caulfield, Director of Blended and Networked Learning, Washington State University Vancouver

Mr. Arnoldas Pikžirnis, Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister, Government of the Republic of Lithuania

Chaired by:

Ms. Nina Jankowicz, Global Fellow, Wilson Center

Workshop 2B: Media: Addressing the Information Ecosystem

Mr. Peter PomerantsevCo-Director, ARENA Program, London School of Economics and Political Science

Mr. Maxim EristaviResearch Fellow, Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council

Dr. Matthew BaumMarvin Kalb Professor of Global Communications, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Dr. Noora Pinjamaa, Expert, New Growth, Finnish Media Federation (Finnmedia); Executive Director, Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland

Chaired by:

Mr. Tero Koskinen, Head of Preparedness, Media Pool, Finish Media Federation (Finnmedia)

Workshop 2C: Legal Frameworks to Address Influence Operations

Mr. Neil Barnett, Chief Executive, Istok Associates Ltd.

Dr. Alex Feerst, Head of Legal, Medium

Ms. Liisa Past, Chief Research Officer, Cyber Security Branch, Estonian National Information System Authority

Dr. Shawn Powers, Senior Advisor for Global Strategy and Innovation, Broadcasting Board of Governors

Chaired by:

Ms. Loren DeJonge SchulmanDeputy Director of Studies and Leon E. Panetta Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security

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