The Atlantic Council hosted the Global Forum on Strategic Communications and Digital Disinformation (StratCom 2018) on October 2-3, 2018, in Washington, DC. Watch the full event below:

Watch the 2017 Transatlantic Forum on Strategic Communications (StratCom 2017):

ICYMI → @StopFakingNews explains how a fake article claiming that a Ukrainian minor was raped and murdered by Hungarian youth in Transcarpathia spread across Ukrainian social media.

READ NOW → A pro-Kremlin media site in Georgia claims that Norwegians disapprove of Exercise Trident Juncture, the prospect of future NATO exercises on Norwegian territory, and the continued operation of NATO bases in the country, from @MythDetector

READ NOW → Misleading claims pertaining to the number of Kremlin operatives in the UK strikes a chord with Moscow's embassy in London. @PolygraphInfo explains.

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