The Atlantic Council hosted the Global Forum on Strategic Communications and Digital Disinformation (StratCom 2018) on October 2-3, 2018, in Washington, DC. Watch the full event below:

Watch the 2017 Transatlantic Forum on Strategic Communications (StratCom 2017):

READ NOW → @PolygraphInfo debunks Putin's claims that the ships seized in the Sea of Azov were gifted by the US to Ukraine.

The Authoritarian Influence Tracker of @gmfus' @SecureDemocracy tracks Kremlin interference in over 40 countries on both sides of the Atlantic. It focuses on information operations, cyberattacks, and more. View the tracker here:

ICYMI → Combating Kremlin interference like a Swede, pro-Kremlin bot-like accounts in the Baltics, attacks on US diplomats, and more from @_EuropeanValues’s #KremlinWatch

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