The Atlantic Council hosted the Global Forum on Strategic Communications and Digital Disinformation (StratCom 2018) on October 2-3, 2018, in Washington, DC. Watch the full event below:

Watch the 2017 Transatlantic Forum on Strategic Communications (StratCom 2017):

Breaking News: The Justice Department accused Russians of interfering in the midterms, charging an employee of a Putin ally in an elaborate social media plot.

READ NOW → @EUmythsBuster continue to poke holes in the Kremlin's charge that Ukraine is both a fascist police state and not a state.

Ayer tuvimos el placer de conversar en un encuentro con nuestros patronos y Geysha González, directora asociada de @ACEurasia, acerca de su principal tema de investigación: la desinformación, la información incorrecta y las #fakenews. @AtlanticCouncil

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