Watch the Webcast of the Inaugural Transatlantic Forum on Strategic Communications (StratCom):

The Atlantic Council will host the second Transatlantic Forum on Strategic Communications (StratCom) in Washington, DC, October 2-3, 2018.

Registration details and the forum's agenda are forthcoming.

Come work for @ACEurasia as a communications coordinator! See details here:

If party leaders get their way, Europe’s fourth-largest economy will soon be governed by an anti-EU coalition. From @NickOttens:

“[Ukraine's] situation with numerous security and economic hardships provides fertile ground for populists,” says @yermolenko_v. Read more in #UkraineAlert:

'Kremlin Revives a Soviet-Style Law Against Dissent,' writes @vkaramurza for the @washingtonpost. Read now →

'How to Make Sense of Japan’s Delicate Balance Between Russia and Ukraine' by @Maria_Shagina. Read now on #UkraineAlert:

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